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If You Liked Stamped, Read These 19 Books Next

The racial injustice and inequity against Black Americans in our nation, both recently and historically, has sparked difficult conversations surrounding race and racism. With the hope to develop an understanding of the Black experience, many educators have turned to books to help facilitate these conversations. We are shining a light… Read More
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Dog Days of Summer: The Ultimutt Book List

Today I learned that the dog days of summer actually refer to this time of year when the sun occupies the same region of the sky as Sirius, the brightest star visible from Earth and part of the constellation Canis Major (The Greater Dog). But for our First Book Title… Read More
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10 Books to Celebrate Friendship and Kindness

Do you remember how you met your childhood best friend? Not where or when you met them, but how you met them. Did you bond over a favorite crayon or say hi at the swings? Maybe they invited you to their lunch table in the cafeteria? As with any relationship,… Read More
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Staff Picks to Make Summer Sweeter

Curling up with a book in the winter is great, but is there anything better than reading in the sunshine? First Book’s Book Nerds (a.k.a. the Title Selection & Merchandising teams) love tackling their to-be-read shelves during the summer months, so each staff member has selected four books they recommend… Read More
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Celebrating Mo and Cher Willems

Every May, the First Book family celebrates the Month of Mo and all the amazing stories that Mo Willems has brought to our network educators and their students. We celebrate with giveaways, Marketplace credits for teachers to stock their bookshelves, and by rereading our favorite Elephant & Piggie adventures. As… Read More
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First Book’s Honor Roll

My mother was a high-school biology teacher for 32 years, every week was Teacher Appreciation Week in our house. To say I understood her impact on a child’s life is an understatement, but I hear of her impact often. “Oh, you’re Ms. Awad’s daughter? She was the best teacher I… Read More
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How Diapers Break Down Barriers to Education

In 1992, First Book began with a mission to provide brand-new books to children in need. Throughout the years, the mission has stayed constant, but the needs have changed and expanded. Nearly 30 years later First Book continues to build a path out of poverty through educational equity and breaking… Read More
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Books that Celebrate the Breadth of the Asian American Experience

To combat anti-Asian bias and discrimination, more educators are teaching about—and celebrating—the Asian American community. To assist educators, First Book is highlighting the breadth of Asian and Asian American stories. Our Marketplace Senior Manager of Merchandising, Yukari Matsuyama, put together the following list of 14 books to help… Read More
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Empowering Educators: ABAR Teaching in Action

In 2016, Pizza Hut partnered with First Book to implement a 10-year campaign, expanding its commitment to literacy and reading with a coordinated fundraising and community engagement effort that would enable access to resources, empower teachers, and inspire reading on a global scale. Three years later, in 2019,… Read More
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Pat Mora on Bookjoy

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Children’s Day, Book Day on April 30 — the kickoff of a year-long commitment to celebrate reading! First Book is excited to celebrate with author, Pat Mora, to share bookjoy and to help motivate children to read throughout… Read More