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Empowering Educators: ABAR Teaching in Action

In 2016, Pizza Hut partnered with First Book to implement a 10-year campaign, expanding its commitment to literacy and reading with a coordinated fundraising and community engagement effort that would enable access to resources, empower teachers, and inspire reading on a global scale. Three years later, in 2019,… Read More
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Pat Mora on Bookjoy

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Children’s Day, Book Day on April 30 — the kickoff of a year-long commitment to celebrate reading! First Book is excited to celebrate with author, Pat Mora, to share bookjoy and to help motivate children to read throughout… Read More
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How to Celebrate Earth Day with First Book

For many of us, Earth Day reminds of our childhood lessons to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and perhaps recalls memories of school-wide competitions, for which homeroom could bring in the most recycled items. Pizza parties for the win! But now, Earth Day is and can be so much more, with many… Read More
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Top 5 Beyond Book Supplies to Add to Your Cart Right Now

Long-time educators and new Marketplace shoppers know that First Book is on a mission to build a path out of poverty through educational equity. Brand-new books are an essential part of the work we do, but the Marketplace also boasts additional supplies that go beyond books to help learners of… Read More
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How Trauma Is Impacting Children in the Classroom

In a recent survey of educators, we asked our network of educators about the impact of COVID-19 on students. The results show that kids are preoccupied with the pandemic, worried about their friends and family, and concerned about their own health. The survey confirmed what teachers and parents already know—the… Read More
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Spring Clean Your Classroom Bookshelf

Daylight saving time officially started this week, which means spring is just around the corner. As you might spring clean your home, now is a great time to spring clean your bookshelf and evaluate if your classroom library celebrates and explores different identities and lived experiences. Spring cleaning your classroom… Read More
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Five Questions with Hena Khan

Happy book birthday to Hena Khan’s new book Amina’s Song, published today (March 9, 2021)! This past January, as a part of our activities for National Day of Service, Khan did a live reading of Amina’s Song – a companion book to Amina’s Voice – and through… Read More
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Black History Month: 28 Books for 28 Days

In 2020, educators and avid readers collectively recognized the urgency of reading anti-racist books and exercising self-education. It was apparent, perhaps more so than other years, why Black stories matter, especially in the classroom. While, in 2021 and beyond, recognizing Black pain and struggle remains an important focus, the curators… Read More