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Our Solutions

How We Make an Impact

We work to remove barriers to education and level the playing field for kids in need. At the heart of our work are the 575,000 members of the First Book Network, the largest online community of educators, professionals and volunteers dedicated to supporting children in need across North America. This network is the key to creating systemic change. We conduct research studies that aggregate their voices to identify barriers to equitable education and inform strategic solutions. To address their needs, we provide free and low-cost books and resources through the First Book Marketplace, and access to leading experts and best-practice solutions through the First Book Accelerator.

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Educators in Our Network
5 Million
Children Served Annually
225 Million
Books & Resources Distributed

Our Projects

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Reading Universe

An innovative, digital platform created to support educators by providing evidence-based guidance and tools for teaching students how to read and write.

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The Impact of Book Bans on Educators and Students

First Book Research & Insights study reveals how educators and their students are responding to book bans.

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Diverse Books Impact on Student Reading

First Book Research & Insights study reveals the impact increasing access to diverse books in classroom environments has on student reading and students’ reading scores.

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Grants Deliver on Diverse Books

Grants promoting educational equity by distributing 75,000 new and culturally diverse books to increase kids’ excitement for reading.

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Learning Through Play Resources

Resources created to support educators in teaching students about environmental and societal challenges and empowering them to explore solutions.

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Building Literacy Rich Classrooms

A new report and resource tool to help educators evaluate the quality and equity of their classroom libraries.

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Student Mental Health

Research & Insights study and Accelerator resource to address student mental wellness in classrooms.

time for change, girl volunteering in a garden

Time for Change

An initiative designed to further educational equity through changemaking, including a new resource for educators that suggests practical ways to inspire students to become changemakers for their schools and communities.

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Skill-Building Opportunities

We’ve created a series of clear, actionable resources that educators can use to engage with families, that address challenging moments.

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Magic of Storytelling

A national campaign to help distribute more than 80 million books to children in need, across the U.S. In partnership with Disney.

Stories for All Project™

Curated new, relevant, high-quality books representing diverse characters, voices, and life circumstances that are made available and affordable to educators supporting kids in need.

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Empowering Educators

Digital resources to help educators have age-appropriate conversations about race and racism in the classroom.

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Black Kids Matter

The Black Kids Matter Initiative was created to amplify, celebrate, and empower the voices of Black children and other children of color. Presented with National Grid, and supported by TD Bank.

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Give Learning a Shot

An accelerator resource to help educators and families make an informed decision about the COVID-19 vaccine and the pandemic’s impact on learning. In partnership with the Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation.

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Back to School

Amplifying the voice of the educators and providing resources for a changing classroom. Dive into the current educational landscape and download free resources.

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Grief, Loss & Healing

Equipping educators with resources to support children who are experiencing grief and loss. In partnership with New York Life Foundation.

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Creating Learning Connections

A grant-based program focused on providing adequate resources to our network educators to help engage students in virtual learning. In partnership with Intel, CDW, and The LEGO Foundation.

OMG Books Awards

First Book distributed 1.5 million books and eBooks to children in need, through a grant program, to strengthen educator and organizational collaboration with community members and families.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

A comprehensive effort to support educators serving kids in need with new resources focused on social and emotional development. In partnership with Molina Healthcare.

Our Model of Change

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Educator Network

Our network is North America’s largest community of educators working on the frontlines with children in need at schools and programs across the U.S.

library marketplace with books on a table


Provides the First Book Network with 24-hour, year-round access to an award-winning repository of affordable and new books, educational resources, and basic necessities curated for kids in need ages 0-18.

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Research & Insights

First Book Research & Insights is a highly focused research capacity that aggregates and amplifies the voices of more than 575,000 educators serving children in need.


First Book Accelerator collaborates with experts to turn research and best practices into tools in a matter of weeks, bringing the most up-to-date information and resources to our network.