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student and teacher in mask chatting with each other
For Educators

First Book Launches #GiveLearningaShot: A New Vaccine Resource

Washington, D.C., March 1, 2021 – First Book, the nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to educational equity for kids in need, today launched #GiveLearningaShot (available in English and Spanish), a new resource and video series to help educators share trustworthy, expert-based information on the COVID-19… Read More
28 books for 28 days, black history month book covers
For Educators, Our Bookshelf

Black History Month: 28 Books for 28 Days

In 2020, educators and avid readers collectively recognized the urgency of reading anti-racist books and exercising self-education. It was apparent, perhaps more so than other years, why Black stories matter, especially in the classroom. While, in 2021 and beyond, recognizing Black pain and struggle remains an important focus, the curators… Read More