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How Books Shape Our Dialogue Around Diversity & Race

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In 2021, the Children’s Cooperative Book Center reviewed 3,357 books and found that only 9.3% were written by Black authors and 13.3% featured Black characters. While the statistics are staggering, the problem with the lack of diversity in books extends beyond any bookshelf as the books we read and learn... Read more

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How StoryBook Treasures Creates Engaged Readers

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In low-income households, the ratio of books is 1 book per 300 children. To put that number in perspective, in middle-income households, there are approximately 13 books per child. The gap is eye-opening and hard to digest, which is why the partnership between StoryBook Treasures and First Book is so... Read more

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Our Favorite Family Engagement Resources

Throughout the last two years, families have learned first-hand what it takes to keep a child engaged in reading and education. Some of the challenges faced are new, and specific to the current state of affairs; other challenges, while perhaps not new are now compounded in an already tough learning... Read more

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Books to Help You Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

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September marks an important shift in the year – students are back in the classroom, the season shifts to fall, and we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. September 15 officially marks the first day of our annual celebration with the date also marks the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries.... Read more

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Dog Days of Summer: The Ultimutt Book List

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Today I learned that the dog days of summer actually refer to this time of year when the sun occupies the same region of the sky as Sirius, the brightest star visible from Earth and part of the constellation Canis Major (The Greater Dog). But for our First Book Title... Read more