mom changing a baby's diaper

Top 5 Beyond Book Supplies to Add to Your Cart Right Now

Long-time educators and new Marketplace shoppers know that First Book is on a mission to build a path out of poverty through educational equity. Brand-new books are an essential part of the work we do, but the Marketplace also boasts additional supplies that go beyond books to help learners of all ages dive into new subjects or support educators through additional basic needs.

Explore First Book’s Marketplace and add these top five supplies to your cart right now.

1. Diapers & Wipes

Made possible by an anonymous donor, First Book recently added affordable diapers and wipes to the Marketplace. The diapers are sold in bulk packages and in various sizes for infants through children up to 41+ pounds.

Why this is a great buy.

With more families experiencing economic hardships due to COVID-19, 61% of First Book members serving children ages 0-6 report that they are purchasing diapers for the infants and children they serve, sometimes purchasing those supplies out of their own paychecks. More than 41% report there are no diaper bank resources in their community. Educators at daycare and childcare settings serving low-income families expressed a pressing need for affordable diapers and wipes.

In response, First Book worked with vendors across the country to add affordable diapers and wipes as a basic needs item available on the First Book Marketplace.

mom changing a baby's diaper

2. One-Year HOMER Learn & Grow Subscription

With a year of learning at a distance under our belts, HOMER is the essential early learning program that builds skills for school and life—taking kids on a personalized learning journey that boosts their confidence and grows with them. Thoughtfully made for kids aged 2-8.

Why this is a great buy.

The program is powered by the HOMER Method, one of the most effective ways for children to learn to read. HOMER combines a child’s age, interests, and learning level to create a personalized learning plan full of fun, interactive activities children actually want to do. The comprehensive program includes Reading, Math, Social-Emotional Learning, Creativity, and Thinking Skills. Proven to work—just 15 minutes a day of HOMER was shown to increase early reading scores by 74%.

3. Arts & Craft Supplies

Many educators supply their classroom from their own wallet, which is why First Book has worked to create a Marketplace that works to address all potential needs. Arts and crafts are vital to the classroom experience, which is why you can find a variety of reduced-price supplies available to our network.

Why this is a great buy.

Back to school is a no brainer on the supplies stock up, but spring also marks an urgent restock moment for many educators. After all, one glue stick won’t last a year! Shop the arts and crafts supplies to buy crayons, model clay, erasers, and other classroom essentials that create an engaging environment for kids to explore their own creativity.

4. Coding & Robotics Kit

For learners who prefer to absorb their education through hands-on materials, the Coding & Robotics Kit is perfect for educators incorporating more physical engineering and problem-solving skills into their classrooms.

Why this is a great buy.

In 2019, First Book launched STEMtober to highlight and celebrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In 2020, we partnered with Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) to create a free Diversity in STEM Calendar so educators could easily incorporate STEM into their lesson plans to give students new and exciting ways to think about their talents, interests, and future careers.

Our Coding & Robotics Kit is your classroom’s first step towards exploring STEM and problem solving through a series of building and coding lessons.

5. Flash Cards

In a year of digital learning, flash cards have quickly become a Marketplace favorite for many educators. Easy to use both in classroom and through Zoom, flash cards are great for contactless work in a variety of subjects including reading, bilingual language studies, and (of course) math.

Why this is a great buy.

Whether your school days seems like a distant memory or you’re fresh out of school, there’s a reason flash cards have stood the test of time. Sure, you could make them yourself from index cards and markers, but why not let First Book do the work so you can put your efforts towards another task on your to-do list!  

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