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How to Celebrate Earth Day with First Book

For many of us, Earth Day reminds of our childhood lessons to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and perhaps recalls memories of school-wide competitions, for which homeroom could bring in the most recycled items. Pizza parties for the win! But now, Earth Day is and can be so much more, with many more opportunities to instill healthy habits and spark curiosity at a young age.

It’s easy to say Earth Day is one of those special days that should be celebrated 365 days a year, but how? How can we bring more science, more fun, more reality to the work that needs to be done to preserve our planet? First Book! And our Marketplace — that’s how!

Explore three ways we’re celebrating Earth Day today and throughout the year.

As always, we have a great Ecology & the Environment book collection to explore on Marketplace. Featured titles tend to sell out quickly, but more are on their way, so check back often! First Book supporters, not currently eligible to join the network, can purchase books through to still directly impact kids in need; 10% of your order is donated directly to First Book.

Earth Day Bingo

If you’re looking for a fun game to bring to your classroom on Earth Day, download our new Earth Day Bingo. You can play collectively as a class or give to students to complete individually; plus it’s great for both in-person and digital learning.

We took extra care to include activities that don’t require an additional purchase or can be done using found materials around homes and classrooms. Of course, educators and learners should only work on the activities that best fit their classroom and learning objectives.

STEM Kits & Books

One of the easiest ways to bring more science and Earth Day activities into your classroom is through the Marketplace. Fill your bookshelves and your classroom with kits, book collections, robotics, magic sand, and more. You can explore our featured STEM activities collection or just search Science to find all related items available for our network of educators.

Some of our favorites include the Coding & Robotics Kit and the Science Exploration Collection that includes books like One Minute Mysteries that use science to uncover a mystery!

Diversity in STEM Calendar

For educators hoping to dive into STEM throughout the year, our friends at Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) have helped us put together a 2020-2021 Diversity in STEM Calendar. Even though we’re almost through the calendar, it’s a great way to observe and celebrate scientists, engineers, and astronauts impacting the world who also look more like your students.

Celebrate dedicated days or dive into the outlined monthly activities. Download the calendar and other free resources from the Marketplace. The calendar is available in both English and Spanish.

Let us know how you’ll celebrate Earth Day, tag us across social and share your classroom celebration.

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