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Current news and media resources highlighting our ongoing efforts to ensure educational equity for children in need.

Who We Are

At First Book, we are building a path out of poverty through educational equity. Our purpose is as bold as it is urgent: To create systemic change. To ensure equal access to quality education. To empower every educator and all the children in need whom they serve.

Media Contact: Ian Kenison

Our Model of Change

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First Book Network

Comprises North America’s largest community of educators working on the frontlines with children in need at schools and programs across the U.S.

First Book Marketplace

Provides the First Book Network with 24-hour, year-round access to an award-winning repository of affordable and new books, educational resources, and basic necessities curated for kids in need ages 0-18.

First Book Research & Insights

Advances education and poverty research by generating original data that amplifies educators’ voices, drives First Book’s models, and informs content on the First Book Marketplace.

First Book Accelerator

Turns current research and evidence-based strategies from leading experts into actionable tools that are shared with our network — so educators don’t have to wait months or years to use innovative best practices in their classrooms and programs.

Media Contact

Ian Kenison |

2020 Impact In Review

When schools closed to slow the spread of the virus, millions of children were essentially locked out of their education without access to remote learning. But for every student in need, First Book, its network of educators, and amazing partners have been working day and night to support, provide resources, and ensure that no child falls behind.
5 Million
Children Served Annually
NEW Network Educators in 2020
18.6 Million
Books & Resources Distributed Last Year

How We Do It

First Book is a social enterprise, applying proven strategies of the private sector to fuel our work as a non-profit with a growing ecosystem of models that work both individually and collectively to create impact. We have aggregated the First Book Network, North America’s largest group of educators (more than 525,000 professionals) serving kids in need. The Network keeps growing by nearly 1,000 new members each week.

Original Research Harnesses the Voice of Educators

We conduct original research that amplifies the voices of our Network members and identifies their needs. We then engage field experts to create tools and resources to address those needs. We curate culturally relevant educational resources that resonate with our membership and the diverse children they serve, and leverage the power of aggregated buying to make these books and resources free or affordable through the First Book Marketplace, our award-winning eCommerce site.

Continuous Innovation to Elevate Impact

We drive constant innovation and collaborate with field-leading organizations to continue elevating our models and bringing the best insights and new practices to the field of education while generating sustainable revenue to continue our work. We form win-win relationships that benefit those we serve, as well as the publishers, suppliers, purposeful corporations, governments, and other key stakeholders committed to improving educational equity.

System-changing Models Addressing the Whole Child

Finally, we address the needs of the whole child, supporting their education, basic needs, and wellness – all of which are essential to educational equity. Through our sophisticated distribution system, we efficiently deliver help where it is needed. The First Book educator-centric integrated design, grounded in rapid-cycle feedback, and powered by innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, provides hope and promise to children living in poverty and the educators who serve them.