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How to Join the First Book Community… For Free!

With more than 475,000 registered members, and growing at an average of 1,000 members each week, First Book is the largest and fastest-growing network of educators in the United States exclusively serving kids in need. As an educator, community/program leader or provider serving kids in… Read More
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Local Programs Lean on Technology to Provide Access for Families in Need

In Coatesville, Pennsylvania, First Book Member Tamara Acuna and her fellow colleagues at Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) Head Start are looking to find creative ways to reach the kids 650 families they serve primarily in Chester County, which is mostly very wealthy. At CCIU Head Start, their main… Read More
Focus on First Book, For Educators

More Free Books for Teachers

As an educator or program leader serving children in need who needs books and supplies, you use the options at your disposal to maximize your students’ learning experience. You’ve just recently signed up with First Book… now what?  When funding is available through sponsors and partners, we’ll send an… Read More
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Mo-Love for Mo Willems

From heartwarming stories featuring lively, unforgettable characters to virtual events connecting young creators to their wide imagination, all through May, we’ve celebrated everything Author Mo Willems. Educators and parents recognize the genius in Mo’s storytelling — how he introduces social concepts and provides solutions to various situations, all while entertaining… Read More
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Combating the Challenges of Distance Learning

Being an educator goes beyond the (virtual) classroom. Our First Book community of educators are tirelessly seeking all possible ways to connect with students and their families on a more personal level to combat the challenges of distance learning and help them realize no one is in this alone. Read More
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A Special ‘Thank You’ from Author Marissa Meyer

Teachers prepare each and every one of us for the road ahead in life — impacting our lives in a way that goes beyond the classroom. Our friend, Author Marissa Meyer — the brains behind The Lunar Chronicles series, has a message for each and every educator that have motivated… Read More
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Educators Continue to Reach Students in Need, Despite School Closures

From online lessons to virtual field trips, the Covid-19 outbreak has completely changed how educators are reaching their students, especially in low-income communities. The First Book community of educators are at the forefront, providing kids in need and their families access to basic needs and resources through a… Read More
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First Book Women’s History Book List

Countless women have fought to make the world a better place in a push for equality for all people – encouraging generations of young people to build upon the contributions of those that have held the door open for them. Here are a few of our favorite inspiring true stories… Read More