Combating the Challenges of Distance Learning

Being an educator goes beyond the (virtual) classroom. Our First Book community of educators are tirelessly seeking all possible ways to connect with students and their families on a more personal level to combat the challenges of distance learning and help them realize no one is in this alone.

“We’re all teachers first. We all love our kids; we just want to see our kids. All the teachers have come up with different ways to reach their kids; one teacher knew one of the kids loved art, so she dropped off art supplies and did a one-on-one Zoom session. Teachers are being so thoughtful in how to connect.” – First Book Member, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

“By posting videos, sending emails to them, and posting pictures from the year, I am helping them remember that they are cared about — that we miss them, and we are here for them.” – First Book Member, Cleveland, Ohio

Educators recognize the power of books. But they understand that current circumstances have altered the role and availability of reading material for kids in need. Educators across the country have sought options to offer their helping hand and ensure that their students are never far from a new reading adventure.

“Our kids’ families are going to be struggling to feed them and pay for rent. Purchasing school items will not be a priority. The best thing for our kids would be to have a book to read.” – First Book Member, Chelsea, Massachusetts

“My school is located in a book desert.  There is no public library that serves my students.  Books are seen as a luxury and our classroom/school libraries really supply all the reading material to our students.  First Book has enabled me to purchase new high-interest books for a [book] giveaway and has helped me ensure that we have enough books and a variety.” – First Book Member, Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia

From book distributions at food pantries to hand-deliveries, our community of educators are doing whatever it takes to provide students and their families the resources they require.

“We are supporting families by having books on hand at our food pantries, so that kids can get them to have at home while they are out of school for the next three weeks.  We are reaching out more to help out families living in poverty to make sure they have essentials as well as reading materials.” – First Book Member, Groton, Massachusetts

“Distributing books would have been next to impossible without the help of First Book.  When it became increasingly clear that our school was headed toward indefinite closure, I created take-home bags with chapter books that the students had been reading in literature circles with corresponding learning materials.  Additionally, once remote learning was up and running, I created a student account in the fabulous Open Books, brought to me by First Book. I knew we’d made a positive difference when a parent reached out to me to say that her daughter was reading chapter books.  Now, this might not sound particularly extraordinary to some, but this child was perhaps one of THE most reluctant readers I’ve encountered in my two decades of teaching.” – First Book Member, Liberty, Indiana

Our educators are invested in their students for a reason — they hope to improve their communities, one life at a time. But many kids in low-income communities lack the resources needed.

Together, we can give new books and resources for kids who need them most, to help fuel a lifetime love of reading and learning. Click here to transform a life.

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