The Stories for All Project™

Increasing diversity and promoting inclusion

The Stories for All Project™ curates new, relevant, high-quality books representing diverse characters, voices, and life circumstances and makes them available and affordable to educators supporting kids in need.

A market-driven solution to increasing diversity and inclusion in children’s books.
In a survey of the educators First Book serves, 90 percent of respondents agreed that the children they serve would be more enthusiastic readers if they had access to books with characters and stories that reflect their lives.

Through the Stories for All Project™, First Book is:

  • Connecting with educators and program leaders serving underrepresented populations to better understand and meet their needs;
  • Making the best books representing diverse characters, voices, and life circumstances available and affordable to the children who need these resources the most;
  • Demonstrating to the publishing industry that there is a viable market for diverse books; and
  • Promoting understanding and empathy through stories that can help children see and celebrate their similarities and differences.
The First Book Marketplace
Hundreds of great diverse and inclusive children’s titles available.

First Book strives to provide all kids with diverse books that act as mirrors and windows. Kids feel valued and validated when they see their own experiences reflected on the pages of books, and they develop curiosity and empathy when they read about experiences different from their own. To help your kids grow as both readers and global citizens, shop our ever-expanding selection of diverse books.