Disney’s Magic of Storytelling

Help Disney and First Book get books to kids in need.
New Books for Children in Need
Through a long-standing relationship with First Book, Disney has provided more than 80 million books to children in need.

They’ve inspired millions to take action to help bring new books and resources to these kids across the country. 

Help Spread the Magic of Storytelling

The books Disney donates are distributed by First Book to educators in schools and programs exclusively serving children from low-income families around the United States.

Magic of Storytelling Series

Visit MagicOfStorytelling.com for new read aloud and storytelling tip videos each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through March 31, 2021.  

Thank you to Disney and First Book for making it possible for me to help foster the Magic of Storytelling to as many children as possible. In some cases, the books they take home may be the only thing that they truly own.

— Lisa F., Educator | Eaton, NY

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