Coronavirus: For Educators

Resources to Support Educators & Students at Home
Supporting Educators and Kids at Home
You do so much to support your kids. Let us support you.

Coronavirus has shuttered schools–some for the rest of the school year–and left many educators in limbo and parents to take a more active role in their child’s learning, often without internet access or books. We know there is a lot of information out there. We’re working to provide you a list of highlights from across the Internet – resources for you as an educator, and resources that can be shared with your students and their families. Please use this page as a source for tips and information that can be used in varying circumstances. 

We will continue to update this list regularly. Please bookmark it and check back often. We’re all in this together.

You can learn more about First Book’s response to coronavirus here.


At-home Resource List for Educators and Kids 

For Educators at Home

1. Self Care

2. Connect with educators online via Social Media

  • Search Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using the following hashtags to find support, free downloadables, and more for you and your students. #teachertipscovid19, #freeresourceloop, #OperationStorytime, #KidLitQuarantine, #QuaranTeaching

3. Professional Development

For Students Learning at Home

1. Free Internet Access

2. First Book’s At-home Learning Resources 

3. Web-based Learning

3.1. Resources for all subjects:

3.2. The Arts, Movement, and Mindfulness:

3.3. Reading & Math:

3.4. Read Alouds by Authors & Illustrators: 

4. For Students & Families

  • Remind – mass texting service 
  • Child Mind Institute’s resources support parents, guardians and families during COVID19. The list includes daily Facebook live chats with expert clinicians, remote evaluations and telemedicine, parenting tips during COVID19 and more.

5. Spanish Language

Support educators supporting kids in need during school closures. You can help here