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For Educators

Welcome All Kids with Respect & Empathy

Developing respect and empathy skills requires time, practice, repetition, interaction, and patience with others. In our toolkit, Promoting Respect & Empathy: A Toolkit for Educators of All Grades, we’ve collected activities, tips, book recommendations, and more from First Book educators across the country, who, like you, support kids in… Read More

The Dog Days of Summer (Reading)

It seems the only escape from this incredible heat wave we’re now experiencing is to curl up in a cool place with a good book. And we find our furry friends are no different! Scroll down to see our staff pets with their favorite books & to find out how… Read More
Focus on First Book

Summer Learning Resources

We here at First Book want to help keep kids healthy, safe, and learning all summer long, so we have compiled a list of our resources for educators to ensure success for the school year ahead. Here’s our list of the top 4 resources educators and caregivers can provide… Read More
Focus on First Book

Memories of Eric Carle

Today, beloved author and illustrator Eric Carle turns 90 years old. Throughout his career, he has inspired so many young readers with messages of encouragement, hope, and a celebration of the little things in our everyday world. In celebration of Eric, we asked our staff to share their favorite memories… Read More
For Educators

Promoting Respect & Empathy: A Toolkit for Educators, by Educators

Teaching kids empathy and respect prepares them to create a more caring and compassionate world. In the absence of empathy, differences have the potential to breed conflict – especially during a child’s early years, when they are naturally inclined to think only of themselves and their immediate needs. Members of… Read More
Our Bookshelf, Our Partners

Shout Mouse Press: There’s a Story Behind Every Book

Today’s blog is a guest post written by Lana Wong, Community Impact & Partnerships Director at Shout Mouse Press If children don’t read about people who look like them … they feel invisible. I feel this is an opportunity for them to see that they’re visible and their voice… Read More
Author Voices

Q&A with Gaia Cornwall, Author of Jabari Jumps

Gaia Cornwall is an illustrator and children’s book author, best known for her book Jabari Jumps. We asked her about her creative process, what it’s like to read her book with children, and her tips on being brave. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Why This Story?… Read More