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Focus on First Book, For Educators

Thank You to Our Educators Serving Kids in Need

By Carey M. Palmquist, senior vice president for eCommerce at First Book Imagine waking up every morning as a teacher in a Title I school.   You’re doing this because you want to. I mean…right? You had this incredible notion of giving back, of mentoring, of profoundly… Read More
Nick Lachey, First Book, and Pizza Hut surprise elementary students with a pizza party.
Our Partners

Talking Books – and Pizza – with Pizza Hut’s Natasha Collins

First Book recently spoke with Natasha Collins, social impact manager for Pizza Hut. Through April 22, Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project – the company’s global commitment to literacy – and First Book are partnering to enable access to books and educational resources, empower teachers, and inspire… Read More
Our Bookshelf

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Movements are born from the stories we share. On the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, we remember his legacy and share stories inspired by his amazing life. We remember the movements that changed the world as we know it, and use these histories to continue to create… Read More
Author Voices

Debbi Michiko Florence: Creating the Drumming Mochi Queen, Jasmine Toguchi

Debbi Michiko Florence, the author who brought us eight-year-old mochi-loving, flamingo-focused Jasmine Toguchi, was about eight years old herself before she realized eating a side of rice with a plate of spaghetti was not necessarily universal. That experience, which came as part of what Florence describes as growing up both… Read More