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Stand Up to Bullying with These 10 Kids Books

Bullying continues to be an ongoing issue among peers and students, especially at schools. October is National Bullying Prevention Month so we’ve put together a list of 10 anti-bullying books that can help raise awareness of this critical concern throughout classrooms. Wonder – R. J. Palacio In… Read More
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How One DC Charter School Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

We are in the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 – one of the many year-round events where programs within First Book’s network create learning experiences and lasting memories for the children they serve. One of these programs is CentroNía, a multicultural learning center in Washington, DC. CentroNía’s… Read More
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It Takes Less Than Half An Hour To Change A Child's Life

First Book provides badly-needed books to kids, but it’s up to educators and parents to help their children open up those brand-new books and become readers. Read Aloud 15 MINUTES is one of the many terrific programs that makes this possible. Read Aloud board member Jennifer Liu Bryan recently explained… Read More
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Stories For All: Todd Parr – It's Okay to be Different

Author, illustrator, and macaroni and cheese aficionado Todd Parr, uses humor and bright illustrations to celebrate the differences that make us all unique. Most of Todd’s books are now available on the First Book Marketplace. First Book recently interviewed Todd about his inspiration for writing so many books… Read More
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5 Inspiring Stories Of Kids Helping Kids

We can all learn something from the selfless acts of children. Check out these five stories of kids helping kids in need get new books. 1. The Best Neighbor Ever. Crestwood Intermediate School in Mantua, Ohio puts others first. The 3rd-5th graders raised over $1300 through a… Read More
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Taylor Felice: How I Ran a Half Marathon to Bring Books to Kids in Need

Taylor Felice, a dedicated supporter of First Book, recently ran the Brooklyn Half-Marathon. Not only did she accomplish the goal of running the race but she also accomplished something else – getting books into the hands of kids in need. Taylor aimed to raise $1800 through First Book to provide… Read More