5 Inspiring Stories Of Kids Helping Kids

We can all learn something from the selfless acts of children. Check out these five stories of kids helping kids in need get new books.

1. The Best Neighbor Ever.

Crestwood Intermediate School in Mantua, Ohio puts others first. The 3rd-5th graders raised over $1300 through a First Book Virtual Book Drive. They set out to raise this money not for themselves, but for a neighboring school in their community, David Hill Learning Center. Crestwood was determined to make sure that their friends at David Hill would have books to call their own.

2. The 10-Year-Old Entrepreneur. 

Malaika became a young social entrepreneur at the ripe age of 10-years-old. She wanted kids less fortunate than her to be able to enjoy books so she raised money through a book and lemonade stand and donated it all to First Book. She provided over 30 books to kids in need.

3.  The  Coin Collectors

Students at Union Elementary in Farmington, CT turned pockets full of change into a bucket full of change. That bucket ended up providing 160 brand-new books to children affected by Hurricane Sandy.

4.  All You Need Is Change. 

Speaking of kids making change, third graders at Fisher Elementary in MN, collected loose change for six weeks. They took a walk to the local bank and turned all that change into a donation to First Book.

5. The Birthday Girl

Eight-year-old Siena didn’t want toys or presents for her eighth birthday. Instead, she wanted children in need to get new books. She surpassed her goal and got her birthday wish, placing over 150 brand-new books into the hands of kids in need.

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