15 Novels in Verse to Celebrate Poetry Month

Guest post written by Lori Prince, Director of Merchandising at First Book

Before my years at First Book, I was a poet.

The poetry I knew as a child was the poetry of songs — folk music at home, hymns at church, show tunes in choir — so the idea of saying something big through something rather small was there from the beginning. As I began to read poetry in school, I started to craft my own and writing poetry became a way to put my increasingly very big feelings into a small, concrete space. The value and emotional connection of poetry even inspired me to focus my traditional English degree on Creative Writing. While I was destined to become a librarian and eventually First Book’s Director of Merchandising, I never stopped reading poetry.

Novels in Verse, Weird but Good

I was working towards my degree in Library Science when I encountered my first novel in verse, and I was immediately hooked. The idea of putting a novel into the tight lines of poetry knocked my socks off. These were not the classical epics I had previously read in college. They were personal, intimate, everyday stories. They were short but thought-provoking, lyrical but approachable. As one of the kids that came through the library said after reading Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson, “It was weird, but good, like I was inside Lonnie’s head.”

This Poetry Month, let’s look at the everyday from a new angle, find those small ways to say something big, and get close to characters, perhaps even inside their head, who may be nothing — and everything — like us. It will be weird, but good.

Poetry for Your Classroom

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