I’m Teary Eyed Thinking About It… Stories of the Power of Giving

This post is written by guest blogger, Joyce Victor, First Book Member, Owens Primary School, CA

I feel teary eyed thinking about giving new books from First Book to my kids, and I know you feel the same way.

Whenever I give new books to the kindergarten students at Owens Primary, they can’t believe it. They’re opening them right away, and they’re lying down on their tummy looking at them right away saying, “This is mine, I’m reading it now!” Their parents think it’s a mistake.

They bring the books back to school, and I tell them, “No, it’s yours to keep!” This happens quite often, and teachers tell me that it still happens. The kids are in awe that these beautiful books are really theirs to keep forever.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

– Neil Gaiman

Many parents will speak to me in Spanish, roughly translating to, “Teacher, do I pay you for it? How much is it?” When the parents realize this gift, they’re overwhelmed. They tell me, “We love the books so much! We’ll take good care of them.”

This holiday season, we have a special opportunity to help TWICE as many families experience this awe. Your gift to First Book will be matched to give double the books to kids like mine.

For so many of the families in need in my community, I know that the parents want so much for their children. But they often don’t know how to give them the help. That’s where First Book has really stepped in and helped not only the kids — but their whole families through the gift of reading. Their impact brings joy to the families, and education to the children and the families.

Without First Book, and without you, we couldn’t do what we’re doing for the kids at Owens Primary.

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