Empowering Girls Through Books and Sports: Free Discussion Guide

First Book is proud to partner with the Women’s Sports Foundation to provide “Empowering Girls through Books and Sports,” a discussion guide that uses sports-themed books to discuss important topics for middle and high school girls.

Why a discussion guide to empower girls?

An empowered girl is confident, compassionate, and makes positive choices for herself. However, sometimes there are obstacles and roadblocks that can impact girls and challenge the development of their self-esteem and beliefs about their own abilities. The messages they absorb from media, their peers, and even family and cultural pressure can be powerful influences in how girls see themselves.

Thoughtful, safe discussions about topics such as body image, diversity, strength, and more, encourage girls to identify and challenge messages from external sources and discover their own internal beliefs. This discussion guide, when paired with great books and other stories, can help girls clear a path to realize their potential.

Download the guide to find conversation starters, individual and group activities, and to learn the power of connecting stories to critical topics girls face today.

Want more books and resources to empower girls?

Visit our First Book Marketplace Empowering Stories About Women & Girls Section!

The books in this section were chosen because they feature women and girls who stand up for what is right, don’t let others define who they are, and aren’t afraid to make mistakes and grow. From true stories of remarkable women to fiction starring confident girls, the books below are perfect for sharing with all kids to model strong self-esteem, compassion, resilience, and innovation.

The Women’s Sports Foundation is a powerful voice, catalyst and convener dedicated to ensuring all girls have equal access to sports and physical activity and the tremendous lifelong benefits they provide.