How to Diversify Your Bookshelf This New Year

As the world becomes smaller and increasingly diverse in its cultures and experiences, it is crucial that all children have access to books that serve as both windows and mirrors.

Kids who see their own experiences reflected in books gain self-confidence. And when they read about experiences that differ from their own, they develop curiosity and empathy.

Libraries can reflect the diversity of our students while also exposing them to new ideas and concepts. If yours is not as diverse and culturally responsive as you want it to be, here are easy ways to fix it!

  • Our partners at Lee & Low have created a guide to analyze your classroom library. Use the questions to analyze your book collections and determine where there are strengths and where there are gaps in diversity. Read more here.
  • Look through our diverse book recommendations in Parents Magazine. The list includes books for children of all ages.
  • Peruse the First Book Marketplace! Our Stories for All Project™  is the world’s largest collection of diverse content curated for children in need. Use this marketplace section to help your kids grow as readers, individuals, and citizens.