Educator-approved Best New Books of 2018

We here at First Book have a confession to make:

Trying to make a Top 10 New Books of the Year list is the worst.

There are just too many brilliant books. We have an entire section on the First Book Marketplace curated to include our favorite new books of the year, and we start filling it up almost immediately (Check back in April; we’ll already have a “Best New Books of 2019” section started.). It’s one of the best things about reading–there’s always another book around the corner that’s going to show us a face we’ve never seen before, or reflect a story that we recognize, or change the way that we think about the world. There is so much to love.

So we started making our Top 10 list with our “Best New Books of 2018” section and decided to see what educators in the First Book community were saying in their reviews (Did you know we launched product reviews on our site this year? We did, and our educators’ reviews are so insightful.). We chose 10 books, ranging from early education to high school, that educators raved about – books that spread empathy, that empowered readers, that helped their kids grow. Take a look at what our educators, who exclusively serve kids in need, thought about some of our favorites. We hope you them find as powerful and as inspirational as they did, and that you love them as much as we did (and don’t forget to visit us in the Spring to see what our 2019 list looks like!).

Ten of First Book’s Educator-approved Favorites of 2018

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