To Our Educators, Partners, and Friends

Like so many of you, we are deeply troubled by the mounting acts of hatred taking place in our country. Our hearts are broken for the victims of the recent tragedies and the many others who have been lost to senseless violence. In the face of events that foster fear within our communities, let’s also remember the most powerful human emotion: hope.

During these difficult times, educators and the people who support them give us the most hope. They work tirelessly to help kids grow and heal, to develop their capacity for compassion, and to show them that they can make a difference. Hope is at the heart of all that we are building together at First Book: hope that we will—through our collective work—bend the arc of history so that the future holds an equal education and a bright future for every child.

The First Book community is 400,000 members strong and the work we do together is an incredibly positive force in this world. During this time, we are even more empowered to link arms with you and rededicate ourselves to our shared mission of creating a more equitable, kind, and hopeful country for the kids we serve.

We thank you for being part of this extraordinary First Book family. We stand with you.