5 Brilliant Holiday Book Giveaway Ideas from Educators

book giveaway ideas

Looking for holiday book giveaway ideas?

First Book recently invited our members to tell us what special activities they’re planning for the kids they serve around the holidays or for the end of 2017. We were blown away by the creativity, generosity, and passion in their responses. Here’s a few of our favorite responses:

  1. Invite each child to choose a book to give as a gift to a family member. Have a gift-wrapping party so the kids can put the books under the tree at home or use it as a gift for another celebration
  2. Coordinate a “holiday workshop” where school staff help put together gift bundles based on kids’ wishlists. We make sure each child takes home books in addition to toys and canned food items.
  3. Give books as attendance incentives for coming to school around the holidays.
  4. Host a school-wide “read in” the last day before winter break. Set up different cozy reading areas around the building. Invite guest readers from the community to bring in their favorite books. Hide raffle tickets inside classroom or school library books and kids who select them get to choose a book to keep.
  5. Throw a winter celebration for students and families. In addition to sweet treats, each child gets to choose books to enjoy reading with their family over winter break.

How are you celebrating the upcoming holidays with books? Share your plans with us on social media!

If you’re looking for holiday-themed books for children, take a look at suggestions from our book experts at the Holiday Hub on First Book Marketplace!