Bullying and Books

Over the past year, the issue of childhood bullying has ignited national discussion and debate. We have heard countless stories of children, parents, and teachers who have felt powerless in the face of school bullying.

Many of us wonder how we can reach young people who are being abused and change the culture of bullying in schools and communities throughout the nation. First Book firmly believes that books are a part of the answer.

There is no denying that books can equip young people with the tools to better cope with and fight bullying. Through engaging and poignant storytelling, books can teach us about our own personal strength and resilience. A great story can give a child a sense of value and self-esteem. Books can also open the minds and hearts of young people and engender a sense of tolerance and acceptance.

Books can save lives.

If you are a program leader or teacher that is searching for a way to reach young people who are being bullied, or if you are looking for a creative way to inspire a discussion about bullying, please check out these titles that are available at the First Book Marketplace:


A new life. A new school. A new bully. That’s what Darrell Mercer faces when he and his mother move from Philadelphia to California. After spending months living in fear, Darrell is faced with a big decision. He can either keep on running from this bully or find some way to fight back.

Racing the Past

After the death of his abusive father, eleven-year-old Ricky tries to help his younger brother deal with his residual fears and discovers that running helps him deal with his own anger and the taunts of a bullying classmate.


After a big tuna fish gulps up a school of Swimmy’s friends, the small black fish journeys through the ocean and comes face-to-face with many marvelous creatures. When he meets up with a school of frightened fish, Swimmy uses his creativity to show them how to swim together as a group and outsmart the other big fish in the sea.

If you would like to learn more about bullying prevention and education resources to combat bullying, please visit www.pacer.org

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