Meet Our Members

Every First Book member has a story to tell. Videos generously funded by C&S Wholesale Grocers.

The First Book Network —  the largest and fastest growing network of educators serving children in need — forms a powerful market with a unified voice and real purchasing power. With their feedback, and through their collective market force, we make the most needed and relevant books, educational resources, and other essentials available at the lowest possible cost.

Thanks to First Book, educators and programs serving children in need can stretch limited resources, improving access to quality education.

Washington, DC

Smart From the Start

“Almost immediately, First Book began to flood our program with beautiful, high-quality, new books. Literally thousands of brand new books have gone out into the community. We wouldn’t be able to afford to do that if it wasn’t for the generosity and hard work of First Book.”

— Cherie Craft, Smart From the Start | Washington, DC

Davis County, IA

Summer Food Bus

“Our community came together and made this happen. It’s people who care about kids. And there’s people who care about kids in every community.”

— Stephanie Hawkins, District Food Service Manager | Davis County, IA

New York, NY

Diverse Books

“Investing in diverse content is a strategy that creates the best narrative for all.”

— Cheryl Ault Barker, Principal, PS81 | New York, NY

Baltimore, MD

Care Closets

“First Book supplies your classroom from top to bottom. It’s not just resources for the classroom, but it’s a resource for our parents, for our community, and anyone else who is interested in educating our students.”

— Kenya Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer, AFT-Maryland | Baltimore, MD

Los Molinos, CA

First Book Impact

“Could I live somewhere else? Yes. Could I live in a place that wasn’t impoverished? Yes, but I know I’m making a difference here and I know First Book is making a difference here.”

— Jill Botts, Board of Trustees President, Los Molinos Unified School District | Los Molinos, CA

image of an educator reading to two kids from a picture book. There is text that says, 'Matching Challenge: Be a Champion for Educators! Your gift by May 31 can go twice as far to provide new, high-quality books and other resources educators need to help students unlock their full potential.' There is a red button in the bottom, right corner that says, 'I'll give now'.