Faces of First Book

Stories made possible by people like you.

First Book is more than a nonprofit social enterprise.

It is a movement made up of individuals just like you. These are some of the many Faces of First Book, and together we are taking action to create a world where all kids have access to quality education.

Jason, Author

“It’s important for kids from low-income communities to have brand-new anything. But if it could be a book, let alone a book that speaks directly to their experiences, then it’s a double-win.”

Grace, Donor

“I support First Book because books help kids learn and become what they want to be when they grow up!”

Jill, Educator

“Reading is power. And knowledge is power. And what I’m doing by giving these children books from First Book is providing knowledge, power, a future… and they’re not getting that anywhere else.”

Kwame, Author

“Why is it important for kids to open books? Because they can see themselves and they can see what they can become…Open a book and find your possible.”

Charlie, Supporter

“Ownership gives these kids a sense of, ‘the world cares about me so I can care back.’”

Chris & J.J., Donors

“There’s nothing more important than getting the right book into the right kid’s hands. We are both extremely proud to support First Book and its wondrous mission.”

Claudia, Educator

“When children feel good about themselves, they do good by themselves. When kids have a warm coat, they have a smile on their face. They sit up, they pay attention, they’re more astute because they just feel good!”

Malik, Educator

“I really think that it’s up to me and people like First Book – when I got the shipment the box weighed something like 770 pounds or something like that, and I was really taken aback by that. To me, that said, ‘here are 770 pounds of experience for your children.'”

Bruce, Author

“First Book deals with one of the roadblocks to lower-income kids’ success: Books. Because if kids don’t have books, they don’t tend to read much, and if they don’t read, they don’t succeed.”

Tim’m, Educator

“One thing about First Book that excites me is seeing that you’re not just acting in formal academic classroom spaces or schools. The LGBTQ youth centers offer space where kids can have access to books they may not be able to in their schools.”

Dan, First Book Staff

“What unites us here at First Book is our shared passion for our mission to transform kids’ lives. Every day our staff comes to work to move us closer to the day when not one child lacks what they need.”

Joyce, Supporter

“First Book is stepping in with the very resources needed at schools and programs serving kids in need – from brand new books celebrating diversity, to sports equipment, winter coats and hygiene kits. I’m inspired by First Book every day.”

Meg, Author

“When kids see themselves in the book, or a problem they feel, or see a character wrestling with the same thing, it goes miles for reducing their loneliness, their sense that there is something wrong with them.”

Andrew, First Book Staff

“Growing up, I was a reluctant reader – while my challenge felt large, it was small compared to what many would-be readers face. Literacy is a path to prosperity, and obstructions can make that path impassable. Now, I get to empower kids to maneuver that path.”

Veronica, Supporter

“Through First Book, ALAS members are able to access books of cultural relevance, which is not always present in the day-to-day lesson plans. Students can connect with the lessons taught with assistance from the books that First Book provides.”

Yukari, First Book Staff

“I’ve always believed all children should have access to books. I’m so fortunate that this belief, my career, and my passion for children’s literature align. It’s exciting and rewarding to get relatable books into kids’ hands and expand their world!”

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