Disaster Relief: Restoring Communities

First Book provides resources that rebuild lives.
Restoring Communities

From Hurricane Katrina to catastrophic floods, First Book has distributed more than 5 million books to educators, kids, and families affected by disasters. We know how to work with first responders, communities, schools, and libraries to get the right resources in the right hands at the right time.

Recovering After the 2017 Hurricane Season

After the 2017 hurricane season devastated parts of the southern United States and Puerto Rico, First Book made resources available to educators and kids in all 4,300 zip codes affected by the storms. We delivered books directly to Houston and San Juan, and are still helping to restore schools, libraries, and education programs across the U.S. Read more about our work in our 2017 Disaster Recovery Impact Report, or in Charity Navigator’s reports on top-rated organizations responding to Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma.

Know a Teacher Affected By a Natural Disaster?

Educators with students from low-income families, or those affected by disasters, can access the fund through the First Book Marketplace website and select books, notebooks, hygiene kits, clothing, school supplies, and other items that schools aren’t providing or parents can’t afford, and to help restock schools and libraries. To become eligible for funds, educators must complete the free First Book registration.