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Education research often never makes it into the hands of educators–meaning current, evidence-based strategies aren’t reaching the people who can put them to use, or the kids who could benefit from them. The First Book Accelerator collaborates with experts to turn research and best practices into tools in a matter weeks, bringing the most up-to-date information and resources to our network of more than 525,000 educators and the millions of children they serve.

First Book Accelerator resources are created and refined based a constant cycle of educator feedback. To date, resources include research-based tools on childhood trauma, essential life skills, cultural diversity, social and emotional learning, family engagement, and other topics, translated into more than 150 toolkits, trainings, webinars, and reading and activity guides. 



Every educator across the country should have this resource in their classroom.

First Book educator, on the Trauma Toolkit

Featured Resource: The First Book Trauma Toolkit

First Book and the Maryland State Education Association developed the Trauma Toolkit to answers educators’ top questions about addressing the needs of the growing number of students in their classrooms experiencing the effects of trauma. The tool integrates leading research findings on the best strategies to support students experiencing trauma, and outlines answers to specific teacher questions on the topic.

“Our educators have seen a substantial increase in the number of students facing trauma, impacting not only individual students, but the entire class. The toolkit has been praised by our educators, providing them with expert information and real, action-oriented strategies so that they can more effectively support students.”–David Helfman, executive director of the Maryland State Education Association.