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Education research often never makes it into the hands of educators – meaning current, evidence-based strategies aren’t reaching the people who can put them to use or the kids who could benefit from them. The First Book Accelerator collaborates with experts to turn research and best practices into tools in a matter of weeks, bringing the most up-to-date information and resources to our network of more than 575,000 educators and the millions of children they serve.

First Book Accelerator resources are created and refined based on a constant cycle of educator feedback. To date, resources include research-based tools on childhood trauma, essential life skills, cultural diversity, social and emotional learning, family engagement, and other topics, translated into more than 150 toolkits, trainings, webinars, and reading and activity guides.

Building Literacy Rich Classrooms

Featured Accelerator Resource

Per the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), some 34 percent of students are below basic reading level in the fourth grade. If a lack of diverse and plentiful reading materials in US classrooms has a direct correlation to low literacy levels, how do educators know if their classroom libraries are robust enough to further their students’ academic success? Until now, educators have lacked a tool to guide and assess the quality of their classroom libraries.

First Book partnered with literacy researcher Susan Neuman and incorporated feedback directly from our members to create a resource to help educators create robust and equitable classroom libraries. This resource is meant to guide the development and evaluation of classroom libraries, by identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

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First Book Accelerator Resources

Free for educators in the First Book Network.

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Healthy Habits for Student Emotional Wellness

A First Book Accelerator resource with proactive and responsive tips to support educators. The resource also includes tips for educator self-care.

trauma toolkit cover

Trauma Toolkit

Learn how childhood trauma affects a student’s ability to learn, best practices to support their development, and more in this expert-informed toolkit.

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Promoting Respect & Empathy

Want great ideas on how to promote respect and empathy among your students? First Book members share their lesson plans, tips, and recommendations in this toolkit.

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Unconcious Bias

This confidential self-assessment helps educators reduce the impact of unconscious biases. Developed in partnership with the Maryland State Education Association

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Using Books to Support Grief, Loss, and Healing

Grieving is a process that unfolds differently for everyone, and this guide offers concrete tips, strategies, and steps you can take to support K-12 students with the power of books.

Empowering Girls through Books & Sports

First Book and the Women’s Sports Foundation created this discussion guide to use sports-themed books to discuss important topics for middle and high school girls.

Every educator across the country should have this resource in their classroom.

First Book educator, on the Trauma Toolkit