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First Book & dd’s DISCOUNTS

Celebrating 15 years of partnership

Annual In-Store Fundraiser

dd’s DISCOUNTS and First Book are proud to partner again for the 15th annual in-store fundraiser, taking place from August 5 – August 27 at dd’s DISCOUNTS store locations nationwide. Over the course of three weeks, dd’s DISCOUNTS associates will conduct a point-of-sale fundraiser asking customers if they’d like to make a donation to a local beneficiary. This hyper-local fundraiser ensures that dollars raised in a community, stay in the community.

During the 2022 Youth Literacy Fundraiser, stores nationwide raised over $830,000 for local beneficiaries!

How It Works

  1. First Book matches dd’s DISCOUNTS’ stores to a local beneficiary (e.g., a school) within a 3 – 5 mile distance.
  2. During the annual Youth Literacy Fundraiser, dd’s employees will ask customers to donate at checkout.
  3. Funds raised will go directly to the local beneficiaries, so they can buy books from First Book’s Marketplace. This partnership ensures the money impacts the local community.

Benefits to the Local Community

How the fundraiser impacts the beneficiaries

  • Receive grant funding to purchase new books from the First Book Marketplace.
  • Engage your local community to help make a change.
  • Get, on average, over 900 new books for the students you serve!
  • Use the books as needed to build school libraries and classroom libraries or send them home with kids to build their collections.

Responsibilities of a Beneficiary

How to maximize your partnership

  • Reach out to your dd’s DISCOUNTS store manager and make plans to visit your matched dd’s DISCOUNTS store before the fundraiser begins.
  • Provide some decorations to help the store paint a picture of the school or program that the customer will be helping.
  • Spend your grant funding within the three-month window at First Book’s Marketplace.
  • Send thank-you notes to the store and store employees acknowledging them for their hard work and let them know how the grants have impacted you and your kids!

Featured In-Store Decorations

Creative ideas to help beneficiaries decorate their local dd’s DISCOUNTS to help promote the fundraiser.

Informative Posters

Students and educators can create poster boards to help customers learn about the value of the fundraiser.

Themed Decorations

Creating a theme can help build local, community pride.

Importance of Literacy

Sharing facts about why literacy is important for children helps support the fundraiser.

Always Fun

Make sure you’re having fun, and it’ll be fun for customers too!

image of an educator reading to two kids from a picture book. There is text that says, 'Matching Challenge: Be a Champion for Educators! Your gift by May 31 can go twice as far to provide new, high-quality books and other resources educators need to help students unlock their full potential.' There is a red button in the bottom, right corner that says, 'I'll give now'.