First Book and smokeSCREEN

What is smokeSCREEN?

smokeSCREEN is a free digital game, available as an app and as a web-based version, that teaches adolescents about the dangers of tobacco products, especially cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and vaping. The smokeSCREEN game aligns with National Health Education Standards to provide students with health information and opportunities to make positive decisions in social settings and build up their ability to resist peer pressure. 

While playing smokeSCREEN, students will learn to:
  • Explain how using tobacco products could negatively affect their health and lives. 
  • Demonstrate effective refusal skills to resist the use of tobacco products.
  • Summarize how the media and tobacco marketing aim to influence teens to use their products.
There are two ways to play smokeSCREEN:
  • Online: Go to to fill out a quick and easy form and request web access for your students
  • Download the App: Visit the Apple or Google Play App Stores and search for smokeSCREEN

Download Free Educator Resources 

The free educators resources below will help you incorporate smokeSCREEN into your work, whether you support kids in math, science, English, art, or any other topic. 

First Book Timesaver

Download this free resource from First Book for quick, easy-to-implement ideas and activities that facilitate the use of smokeSCREEN.

smokeSCREEN Educator Manual

Download the free educator manual from smokeSCREEN, which includes a general overview of the game mechanics and content areas covered in the game.

Learn more

See examples of what your students will encounter as they navigate through the game: