First Book Community Connect

First Book Community Connect helps partners reach more kids, decrease the cost of scaling up, and increase impact.

How Does First Book Community Connect Work?

First Book Community Connect matches nonprofit organizations with local classrooms and programs serving children in need. First Book can identify specific areas of need within our member network of approximately 575,000 educators and facilitate the precise distribution of resources where communities need them most.

For example, if a clinic in Brooklyn had free flu shots to provide to kids in need:

  • Engage: First Book would promote this opportunity to Brooklyn-based members in the First Book Network (pictured at right)– perhaps hundreds or thousands receive the outreach.
  • Connect: Members would opt-in to learn more and their information would be shared with the clinic.
  • Impact: The clinic reaches more children in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the expense of a traditional outreach campaign.

First Book Community Connect: The Impact

Case Study: Increasing Reach by 100%

After sharing links to FoodFinder–an online service that locates free food assistance for families in need–with the First Book Network, FoodFinder reported full 100 percent increase in use when compared with the same day one year earlier.  

Learn more about First Book Community Connect’s collaboration with the play2PREVENT Lab at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games to bring smokeSCREEN, a videogame for children and youth aimed at smoking prevention, to the First Book Network.