First State Initiative

Bringing books to children in need throughout the state of Delaware.

First Book is teaming up with Global Delaware

The partnership provides children across the state with access to appropriate, wonderful books both inside and outside of school. Our goal is to work to ensure that:

  • every child in need across DE has an age and reading level appropriate home library,
  • every class has a relevant class library,
  • and every program and school has a relevant library

We want to make Delaware the first state in the nation to implement this vision, and to truly commit to supporting the literacy and education of our students. As part of this vision, we want to be the first state in the nation to ensure that every educator and program serving children in need is signed up with First Book, enabling access to thousands of free and low cost books and resources for years to come.

Calling All Delaware Educators!

Join the initiative by registering now and joining the First Book network. By registering, you will gain access to special opportunities, grant funding, and access to free and low-cost resources.

Additionally, join the First State Initiative in Wilmington as we bring a truck load of 40,000 brand-new books to DE in mid-December to get books in the hands of the kids you serve!

If you work or represent one of the following organizations or programs, sign up now with First Book to get free and low-cost new books for children in your area:

  • Head Start
  • Title I or Title I eligible school
  • USDA Food and Nutrition Program
  • Federally qualified health center

Delaware students deserve to learn in an environment where their basic needs are met.

That’s why the Delaware Department of Education, Governor John Carney’s Office, and First Book are stocking basic needs closets in 45 Delaware schools.

Delaware’s basic needs closets provide elementary and middle school students across the state with increased access to free products designed to meet students’ needs so they can effectively participate in class. Each school’s basic needs closet is stocked with products identified by districts and charter schools as essential to the well-being of their students, including hygiene products, school supplies, clothes, and more. Students are able to discreetly access the closets throughout the school year. This is about meeting students’ basic needs with dignity, so they can be ready to learn in class.

Interested in helping Delaware schools restock their basic needs closets? Click below to donate!