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First Book Research & Insights is a research initiative and knowledge bank built on 25 years of listening to educators serving kids in need.

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First Book Research & Insights: Anxiety About Immigration Policies, Racism Taking Toll in Classroom

Stress and Anxiety in the Classroom
Educators say stress and anxiety are significant barriers to learning.

In underserved communities, student anxiety is getting in the way of learning, and increasing demands on educators, according to survey results gathered by First Book.

Social and Emotional Learning
First Book educators say emotional wellness is a top priority.

The First Book-Molina Health Needs Assessment gathered input from more than 2,100 First Book members to identify the most significant barriers to health and wellness faced by kids in need. The results revealed that educators saw mental health issues as obstacles to academic success.

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The Stories for All Project: 60,000 New Books to Increase Diversity, Promote Inclusivity

Diversity and Inclusion
Representation in children's books matters, according to educators.

In a survey of First Book educators, 90 percent of respondents agreed that the children in their programs would be more enthusiastic readers if they had access to books with characters and stories that reflect their lives.