dd’s DISCOUNTS and First Book: Celebrating 11 Years of Partnership

dd’s DISCOUNTS and First Book are proud to partner again for the 11th annual in-store fundraiser, the 2019 Youth Literacy Fundraiser, taking place from August 3-25 at dd’s DISCOUNTS store locations nationwide. Over the course of three weeks, dd’s DISCOUNTS associates will be conducting a point-of-sale fundraiser asking customers if they’d like to make a donation to a local beneficiary. This hyper-local fundraiser ensures that dollars raised in a community, stay in the community. 

During the 2018 Youth Literacy Fundraiser, more than $700,000 was raised in dd’s DISCOUNTS stores nationwide! That money was used to purchase over 243,000 brand new, high-quality books for students in 256 schools and programs!

Benefits to being a beneficiary:
  • Receive grant funding to purchase new books from the First Book Marketplace.
  • Engage your local community to help make change.
  • Get, on average, over 900 new books for the students you serve!
  • Use the books as need, such as building school libraries, classroom libraries, sending home with kids to build home libraries, prizes, etc.
Responsibilities of being a beneficiary:
  • Visit the dd’s DISCOUNTS store that you are paired with before the fundraiser begins in August.
  • Provide some decorations to help the store paint a picture of the school or program that the customer will be helping.
  • Spend your grant funding within the three-month window.
  • Send thank-you notes to the store and store employees acknowledging them for their hard work and letting them know how the grants have impacted you and your kids!