Jackson Shealy, Hunter Dawson, and Jackson Fisher, all fourth graders at Charleston Day School, labeling products for the annual holiday market, inspired by the Lemonade War. This year, all proceeds were donated to First Book and our hurricane relief efforts.

Author Jacqueline Davies on The Lemonade War and #KidsCan

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The Lemonade War was intended to be a stand-alone book—but five books later, The Lemonade War and its entrepreneurial protagonists have prompted kids nationwide to raise more than $150,000 to end childhood cancers, in addition to many other causes. First Book asked author Jacqueline Davies, who has since founded the... Read more

Fourth graders at Charleston Day School donated the proceeds from their annual holiday market to First Book.

Kids Helping Kids — Because #KidsCan

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Hurricane Irma missed Charleston, South Carolina by about 200 miles, but it did not leave the historic city untouched. The storm’s outer bands came at Charleston with tidal surges reaching 10 feet high, the likes of which the town hadn’t seen since Hurricane Hugo nearly two decades earlier. It was... Read more