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Impact Stories

Cathy Was My Best Friend. Here’s How I Honored Her.

Judy Willner is an educator and writing skills teacher for elementary school students in Philadelphia. When she lost her closest friend Cathy earlier this year, Judy decided the best way to honor her would be to set up a First Book campaign. She wanted to celebrate their shared love… Read More
Focus on First Book, For Educators

How to Campaign Like a #FirstBookChampion

Being a First Book Champion is all about spreading the joy of reading to kids in need. Starting a campaign is the first step to becoming a champion. The next step is brainstorming – thinking of all the clever ways you can get donors invested in your cause. Lucky… Read More
Impact Stories

This Girl Wrote One Email to Help Kids in Need

For thirteen year old Elka Longstreth, books have always been within arm’s reach, ready to transport her to another world. In fact, books are her world. Elka has books piling up on her desk and spilling out of the many bookshelves in her home. She’s always been a voracious… Read More