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First Book and the Guru Krupa Foundation Unite to Amplify Educational Resources in New York City and Los Angeles

We are thrilled to announce the incredible news of the renewed partnership between the Guru Krupa Foundation and First Book! Thanks to the Foundation’s generous grant, First Book, a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to ensuring equal access to quality education for children living in under resourced communities, will be able to provide educators in New York City, including Nassau County, and Los Angeles with an abundance of brand-new, high-quality books, educational resources, and other essential tools to ignite the love of learning among kids in need. Get ready for an amazing collaboration that will make a profound impact on the lives of countless students!

Here’s a glimpse of how this partnership will revolutionize education in these vibrant communities.

Empowering Young Minds through the Gift of Books

We’re overjoyed to announce that a total of about 7,500 brand-new books will be placed directly into the hands of children in the greater New York City and Los Angeles areas. By providing engaging, diverse, and age-appropriate books, First Book aims to foster a love of reading, spark imagination, and lay a strong foundation for future academic success. This means that children from all backgrounds will have access to quality literature that will shape their educational journeys.

Supporting Educators with Classroom Resources

To empower dedicated educators, First Book will be offering First Book Marketplace credits to teachers in both communities who are members of the First Book Network. These amazing educators will have the opportunity to choose and purchase essential non-book resources for their classrooms and programs. With this support, teachers can create dynamic learning environments tailored to the unique needs and interests of their students, fostering an atmosphere of growth and excitement.

Spreading Holiday Joy with the Give a Million Campaign

As part of First Book’s Give a Million campaign, a portion of the grant will provide free books to children in need during the holiday season. This initiative ensures that children from underserved communities can experience the joy of receiving their very own books, fostering a sense of pride and encouraging further exploration of the written word. Let’s make the holiday season truly magical for these children by gifting them the joy of reading!

Transforming Lives Through Education and Access to Books

The Guru Krupa Foundation’s renewed grant will significantly enhance educational opportunities for children in the greater New York City and Los Angeles areas. By expanding access to high-quality books and educational resources, this collaboration will help bridge the opportunity gap and empower young minds to reach their full potential. First Book is immensely grateful for the Guru Krupa Foundation’s unwavering commitment to improving educational equity. Thanks to their incredible support, countless children will benefit from enhanced literacy experiences, a more stimulating learning environment, and the joy of reading.

Since our partnership began in 2012, we have already provided over 175,000 books and educational resources to children in need across New York’s Nassau County, the greater New York City and Los Angeles areas, as well as in India. Together, we will continue to foster a love for reading, empower educators, and provide vital support to children in need.

Partner With First Book

First Book works closely with a variety of businesses, non-profits, and individuals to promote equal access to quality education for children in need. With our partners, we have distributed more than 225 million books and educational resources. We invite everyone to explore ways to work together to provide even more books and resources to kids who need them.  

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