First Book Resource: Diversity In STEM Calendar

Kids learn better when they feel seen and supported in the classroom. At First Book, our primary focus is to ensure all kids feel welcome by giving them new and exciting ways to think about their talents, interests, and future careers. That’s one of the reasons why we have created the 2023-2024 Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion in STEM Calendar. This free tool was designed to help educators bring amazing moments of innovation to life and showcase the incredible contributions of diverse STEM pioneers with kids across the country. Our calendar can be adapted for different grade levels, and suits teachers on various school schedules as the calendar spans from August 2023 to July 2024.

Various STEM symbols, planets, electric cars and microscopes featuring the text "Celebrating diversity and inclusion in stem" 2023-2024 calendar

Empowering Educators with Our New STEM Diversity Calendar

STEM fields are exciting, fast-paced, and critical for all learners to explore. That is why our calendar is designed to celebrate STEM subjects and careers and the diverse scientists, engineers, and mathematicians whose contributions have changed our world for the better. The calendar includes fascinating facts, theme months, religious and cultural observances, and notable dates of cultural, historical, or inclusive significance in STEM fields. The calendar contains additional resources for teachers such as inspiring videos, free resources, and class discussion questions related to the topics featured each month.

The Powerful Impact of Inclusivity

Celebrating people from marginalized communities — whose ingenuity, perseverance and talents are not always known, but whose impact has been meaningful and transformative – is critical to the success of our increasingly diverse student population and society. By feeling seen and supported, students can feel engaged and empowered to work towards their own dreams. When students get the opportunity to learn about those who are different from them, they have the chance to broaden their viewpoint of the world and are able to have more empathy towards others.

Click here to download the 2023-2024 Calendar and celebrate diversity and inclusion in STEM all year long! Be sure to visit the First Book Marketplace for more free resources to help you celebrate culture, diversity, and inclusion all year long with your students!

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This blog was last updated on August 4, 2023.