First Book Resource: Diversity In STEM Calendar

Kids learn better when they feel seen and supported. At First Book, our focus is on making all kids feel welcome by giving students new and exciting ways to think about their talents, interests, and future careers. That’s one reason why we, in partnership with Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), have created the 2020-2021 Diversity in STEM Calendar. This free tool was designed to help educators bring amazing moments of innovation to life and showcase the incredible contributions of diverse STEM pioneers with the kids across the country.

STEM fields are exciting, fast-paced, and critical for all 21st century learners to explore. That is why our calendar is designed to highlight the game-changing contributions of women and people of color to science, medicine, space exploration, artificial intelligence development, and more. It includes fascinating facts, religious and cultural observances, and notable dates of cultural, historical, or inclusive significance in STEM fields. There are also instructions for science experiments that require minimal materials and no fancy equipment!

Celebrating people from marginalized communities — whose ingenuity, perseverance and talents are not always known, but whose impact has been meaningful and transformative – is critical to the success of our increasingly diverse student population and society. 

Click here to download the 2020-2021 Diversity in STEM Calendar and celebrate diversity in STEM all year long!

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This free resource was funded by AIA.