Read with Your Head & Your Heart

This blog is a guest post by First Book community educator, April Insley.

I believe you read with your head and with your heart.

As a library media specialist, I know there’s a book for every one of my students that will help them fall in love with reading. It just takes find the right book to spark that connection.

When they do, their eyes light up with excitement. I have First Book donors to thank for helping make that happen.

It’s the best feeling in the world to see how much these books mean to them, and for them to know that people like you care about their future.

A book in the hand of a child is an invitation to go anywhere.

Lacking access to books is the number one barrier to my kids’ success. But giving them books they love can be the number one thing that helps them unlock their full potential.

I hope that all my students become lifelong readers. With your support, every book you help give makes that possible.

Millions of kids in low-income communities lack the books and supplies they critically need. Together, we can give new books and resources for kids who need them most, to help fuel a love of reading and learning. Click here to transform a life.

image of a young woman laying in the grass, smiling and reading a book. There is light blue boxes with purple text that say, 'Share Your Favorite Summer Read for Our New Online Album. Take a selfie with your favorite summer read and upload it by July 22 to celebrate our First Book family and the work we’re doing together! Send your selfie.'