Six Reasons to Join First Book’s Book Club

This post is written by guest blogger, Christa Evans, VP of Development at First Book.

“Between the pages of a book is a wonderful place to be.”  


We admit it – here at First Book, we’re book fanatics! We also believe every child deserves a quality education, filled with the tools and resources they need to learn, grow, and flourish. So, we’ve decided to combine our passions together. We are so pleased to announce the launch of the First Book Book Club! 

Designed with book lovers and supporters of First Book in mind, our Book Club allows its members to experience the quality and variety of the books available to our community of more than 475,000 educators across the country working exclusively with children in need.  

Monthly supporters giving $30 or more each month are eligible to join Book Club. In addition to a donation that provides books and resources to children in need, Book Club members will receive: 

  1. A hand-selected book that showcases the diversity of the offerings for educators on the First Book Marketplace. Whether it’s a summer-reading title for young adults, or a book that focuses on the development of compassion and empathy for children ages 4-6, we want YOU to experience it first-hand. Save it for your personal collection, give it to a child in your life, donate it to a local library, or volunteer to read in the classroom!  
  2. Inspiring notes from well-loved authors and illustrators (all friends of First Book), who are grateful for your support. We’re fortunate to work directly with well-known authors like Nora Roberts, Mo Willems, Mary Pope Osborne, Daniel Handler, Marissa Meyer, and countless others. Like you, they are passionate about First Book’s mission, and like us, they are grateful for your generous support. 
  3. Exclusive insider info and news about hot upcoming book releases and other exciting discounts and offers from First Book’s publishing partners. First Book works with dozens of publishers across the country to curate the collections you see on the First Book Marketplace. As trusted partners, we often get special sneak peaks, copies of new releases before they are available in stores, and information about upcoming books from well-known and celebrity authors. Now you will too! 
  4. Keepsakes that bring the stories to life, including exclusive bookmarks, toys, games, and other items. Yep, book swag! Great to keep or give as gifts! 
  5. Thank you notes, stories, and updates – from a child or educator who received new books, thanks to you. Your monthly donation through Book Club is having an impact on kids in need. Many children that First Book serves have never owned a book, and are now taking them home for the first time. We cannot express enough what that means for the teachers, students, and their families. We want to share the impact you’re having with you. 
  6. Updates from First Book about our work to provide access to a quality education for children in need across the country. First Book’s network includes thousands of nonprofit partners, local schools, libraries, after-school programs, and many more, all working together behind the scenes. Book Club members will learn about our programmatic work your donation helps support. 

We invite you to join the Book Club today. To register and begin your monthly donation, visit 

To make a one-time donation without joining the Book Club, visit