Educator Resource: The First Book Trauma Toolkit

Half of children in the United States, nearly 35 million, have experienced one or more types of trauma. In¬†response, First Book and the Maryland State Education Association developed the Trauma Toolkit–a resource that answers educators top questions about the effective ways to work with children experiencing the effects of trauma.¬†

Educators’ Top Eight Questions Regarding Students Experiencing Trauma
  • How do I help my students if they are below their age appropriate developmental level for social and emotional learning?
  • How do I help my students center and calm themselves after experiencing a trigger event?
  • How do I help students cope with their emotions daily in class?
  • What do I do if my student is having a meltdown?
  • How can I support a child who is experiencing severe trauma?
  • When do I connect my student with a social worker, school counselor, or other professional for support?
  • How do I help my students learn even while they experience or try to recover from trauma?
  • How do I teach my students to self-manage their emotions?

The tool kit offers insight on these frequently asked questions, as well as information on the sources of trauma, effects of trauma, and how educators can feel supported along with students.

Click here to download the Trauma Toolkit.