3 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Kids

Every year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. We emphasize the celebration of the histories, traditions, and contributions of our Spanish and Latinx ancestors – so that year-round, we can take pride in the diversity of our country, and its resulting strength.

It’s a great time to explore and celebrate the diversity of Latino culture and experiences with all of the children you serve. Get ready to engage your classroom, program, or community in a celebration of cultural diversity with the amazing selection of books in our Latino Culture section, many of which are paired with FREE, downloadable reading guides!

Here are 3 ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with kids:

  1. Read and have children illustrate favorite folktales, riddles, proverbs, or tongue-twisters from different Hispanic countries and cultures.
  2. Share a bilingual story with your students through a dynamic read-aloud. If you are not bilingual in English and Spanish yourself, invite a guest reader, such as a teacher, librarian, local community member or even a family member of one of your students to participate.
  3. Display a map of the world and have children place a sticker on the region(s) where their families originated. Then have them share what they know about those places with their peers. These can be personal memories, stories they have heard from family members, or facts and information learned from books.

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