5 Creative Ways to Use Books in Spanish

Guest post by Camila Rios, First Book intern

Spanish-language books are a versatile and valuable resource. Use them with Spanish speakers, Spanish learners, bilingual students, and English language learners in any setting where you’re working with kids and families.

Use Spanish-Language Books To…

  1. Foster Strong Bilingual Skills
    Research shows that students who read or are read to in their native language first will develop better speaking, reading, and writing skills both in their native and second languages, making them proficiently bilingual.¹ Read-alouds are an awesome at-home or in-class activity for early learners all the way through middle grades!
  1. Encourage Family Engagement
    Parents who do not have a fluent command of the English language might not feel comfortable reading books written in English to their children. However, reading as a family in your native language not only helps develop a child’s literacy skills, but is a great way for parents to be involved in their child’s education.²
  1. Welcome and Include Spanish-Speaking Students
    If your school, classroom, or community is welcoming incoming Spanish speakers, have a variety of books available in their native language. This helps students to stay academically motivated, while slowly transitioning into the English language.³
  1. Support Dual Language Schools/Programs
    What better way for students to improve their fluency in Spanish and English simultaneously than to read from our diverse selection of bilingual books on the First Book Marketplace? Many are paired with free downloadable reading guides with activities and discussion questions.
  2. Enrich Spanish Classes
    Incorporating children’s books in Spanish can be a fun way to introduce students to the Spanish language and Latino culture. Students can practice reading aloud to one another to learn new vocabulary and to get a feel for speaking the language.

Anyone serving kids from low-income families in schools, early childhood centers, or community programs can find more great books in Spanish on the First Book Marketplace!