Have a Camera? Reading a Book? Take a Shelfie and Share the Magic of Storytelling!

The fun began in late December, when we here at First Book teamed up with our partner Disney and launched this year’s Magic of Storytelling campaign to celebrate the positive impact that stories have on everyone’s lives. One of our favorite ways to celebrate is with a shelfie! What is a shelfie, you ask?

Simply take a selfie with your favorite book or the book you’re reading, post on Twitter or Instagram with #MagicOfStorytelling, and voilà! You’ve just donated a book to a kid in need.

We love seeing everyone come together to celebrate reading and sharing stories!

From movie stars & international recording artists:



To enthusiastic readers & authors:

To kids who want to help other kids!


Have you posted a shelfie, yet? Here’s how!

Magic of Storytelling Disney First Book Shelfie

If you want to learn more about how you can help kids in need with our partner Disney, visit MagicOfStorytelling.com.