Feeling at Home this Holiday

Today’s guest blogger is Linette Claudio, Bilingual Coordinator at McAuliffe Elementary School in Chicago, IL.

Remember a book character from your childhood that helped you through a time of growth and change? One that inspired you, helped you feel at home in our own skin and made you realize you weren’t alone.

I believe that every child deserves to experience that kind of connection. I’m grateful that my students have, thanks to you and First Book.

The kids in my Bilingual Transitional Program speak a different language than their peers. Many live in a constant state of flux, having moved cities and schools several times. It’s easy to understand why they sometimes feel like they don’t belong.

But books are their anchors.

Thanks to generous people like you that support First Book’s Stories for All Project, my students have books that celebrate their culture. They see their lives reflected in the stories they read. They’ve discovered characters to guide them and help them create a life all their own.

It’s wonderful for them. And it’s wonderful for their families who hope for a future in which their children have better opportunities.

Please consider making a gift today to give kids something everyone needs – a sense of themselves and their place in the world.

Click here to read more about First Book’s Stories for All project.

image of an educator reading to two kids from a picture book. There is text that says, 'Matching Challenge: Be a Champion for Educators! Your gift by May 31 can go twice as far to provide new, high-quality books and other resources educators need to help students unlock their full potential.' There is a red button in the bottom, right corner that says, 'I'll give now'.