A Big Announcement … Disney Donates EIGHT MILLION BOOKS to First Book

We hope you’re sitting down, because we have some big news. Today at D23, the annual gathering of the world’s Disney fans, in Anaheim, Calif., our friends at Disney announced that they were donating 8 million new books to First Book. And we will put every single one of those books into the hands of kids in need.

Eight million books is a lot of books. To give you some idea of just how many, if you laid them all end-to-end, you would definitely give up and go home long before you were done. To give you an even better idea, First Book distributed 8 million books altogether last year; Disney’s incredible donation will allow us to do a lot more in the year ahead.

To top it off, Disney is also donating $500,000 to First Book, which will help us cover some of the many expenses involved in getting all those books out to schools and programs serving kids from low-income families around the country.

So a big THANK YOU to our friends at Disney, from all of us at First Book, and from all of the kids in all of the 27,000 programs in the First Book network!

Remember, if you work for a school or program that serves children from low-income families, or if you’d like to help your child’s teacher or program leader get new books, sign up with First Book.

image of an educator reading to two kids from a picture book. There is text that says, 'Matching Challenge: Be a Champion for Educators! Your gift by May 31 can go twice as far to provide new, high-quality books and other resources educators need to help students unlock their full potential.' There is a red button in the bottom, right corner that says, 'I'll give now'.