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Books For Kids on Zulily: Buy One Give One

There’s nothing quite like the imagination-inspiring power of books. Who doesn’t love discovering new worlds, swimming with mermaids, or simply saying good night? Story time is a treasured pastime for all, but many children may not have the opportunity to experience the magic of books. To spread the joy of… Read More
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7 Children’s Books That Inspire Gratitude & Thankfulness

Gratitude is a concept that is often hard to grasp – for kids and adults alike! The holiday season is a great time to explore with kids what it means to be thankful and the importance of giving. Here are a few children’s books we recommend that will help facilitate… Read More
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Use This Calendar to Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion With Your Students

As the U.S. population is becomes more and more diverse, the need to embrace the many cultures in our classrooms is more important than ever. When a student’s learning environment respects their history, values, beliefs, and behaviors, students and their families are better positioned to thrive in school. This calendar… Read More
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11 Books to Read If You Loved ‘The Hate U Give’

When we here at First Book first read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, we knew we had to get this title into the hands of the educators and kids we serve. We knew many young readers would see themselves in Starr, the book’s protagonist, and others would use… Read More
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3 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Kids

Every year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. We emphasize the celebration of the histories, traditions, and contributions of our Spanish and Latinx ancestors – so that year-round, we can take pride in the diversity of our country, and its resulting strength. It’s a… Read More
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The Court has Ruled: Literacy is not a Right

Public school funding is still below pre-recession levels in 29 states. Educators are spending an average of $500 out of their own pockets yearly. This is why we do what we do at First Book. And this year, we have the opportunity to make sure that every back-to-school start is… Read More
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What if Educators Had Everything They Needed?

The following post first appeared on Medium, April 20, 2018. Authored by Kyle Zimmer, president, co-founder, and CEO of First Book. A Texas elementary school media specialist shared on Twitter a 43-second video that blew me away. Read More