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Educators say this about First Book…

A new school year is upon us. And as always, it’s critical that teachers and program leaders have the right tools, so that they can succeed. According to a recent First Book survey, the books they get from First Book make a big difference – to them, and… Read More
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Monthly Book List: Our Five Favorites for August

Our favorite books this month will get kids exploring the outdoors, show them the importance of kindness and illustrate the bond between parents and children, no matter the distance. You’ll also find a beautiful coming-of-age story for older readers and a tale about life during wartime. Pre-K – K (ages… Read More
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Contest: It’s Time to Play (And Win!)

Games and activities are a fun, hands-on way for kids to learn through play. They help kids tackle complex subjects like STEM, foster problem solving skills and build imagination. We’ve picked some of our favorite games and activities to get kids of all ages interacting and learning in the coming… Read More
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Twitter Chat: How to Foster a Love of Reading

93% of educators and program leaders use books from First Book to develop a lifelong love of reading in their students. But how can we help kids develop this love of reading? First Book hosted… Read More
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Monthly Book List: Our Favorite Books for July

Once a month, our team of book enthusiasts share their picks for the best in children’s and young adult books. This month, Lori, Alison, Matthew, Jenn and Miriam have selected tales on finding oneself, nurturing friendships, appreciating grandparents, adapting to change, and coping with loss — with adorable illustrations, silly… Read More
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Increase Your Students’ Interest in Reading

When kids receive new books, their faces light up, they cherish their books and keep them by their side at all times. Without any prompting from their teachers, they trade books with one another, start small books clubs and encourage each other to read. They become more interested in… Read More
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300,000 Books for Kids to Take Home

Rochester, New York was recently ranked one of the poorest cities in the United States. More than half of its children live in poverty. But on an early summer day, the students in the Rochester City School District have a spring in their step as they walk down the hallway… Read More
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The Best Way to Keep Kids Reading Over the Summer

Kids will always be more excited about reading, if they can choose what to read,” says Stephanie Phelix, Library Media Specialist at Belle Forest Community School in Memphis, TN. “If it’s a cookbook or the cheat codes to their video games, it’s still reading. When they’re at the grocery store,… Read More
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Monthly Book List: Our Five Favorite Books for June

This month’s book list features stories about two adorable pigs and jazz trailblazer Melba Doretta Liston. Flip through a page-turning mystery inspired by Chinese folklore, find a magical pen that can finish homework and learn about a man who inspired millions of students worldwide. Pre-K – K (Ages 3-6)… Read More
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Our Crazy Summer Reading Program Was A Go!

Today’s Guest Blogger is Amy Bartilotti, the Communities in Schools Site Coordinator at Bellwood Elementary School in Chesterfield, VA. Summer is particularly difficult for kids from low-income families. With few books at home and limited access to libraries, they often fall behind. Last year, my colleagues and I… Read More