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How One Librarian Uses Food to Keep Kids Learning

Theresa Mai, librarian at Truscott Elementary “I always tell our kids that they are like cars, motorcycles or trucks,”says Theresa Mai, the librarian at Truscott Elementary in Loveland, Colorado. “We talk about their parents getting fuel for their car – how it can’t run without the right fuel. Their bodies… Read More
Focus on First Book, For Educators

Win 100,000 books for kids in your state

What can 100,000 stories do for children in need in your state? Disney has donated a record 50 million books to First Book. To celebrate, Disney, ABC and First Book are giving you a chance to bring thousands of books to kids in need by voting for the state of… Read More
Impact Stories

The Most Important Job She Has

Jill Botts gives books to the students of Los Molinos Unified School District five times a year. She believes that getting books to these children is the most important job she has. Educators throughout the country feel the same way. Together, we can make a difference in… Read More
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"They line up outside of the library…"

The kids at Herricks Middle School in Albertson, New York love to learn. In fact, every morning many of them line up outside of the library before school starts, eager to trade in their latest read for a new story. For some of the students, the books they receive… Read More
Impact Stories

The Only Present She’ll Receive This Holiday

Today’s guest blogger is Mollie James, Executive Director of Bruce Irons Camp Fund in Charlotte, North Carolina. Under glowing lights sits a single gift in crisp wrapping paper. Since it arrived at Carolina’s home a few days ago, her hopes have soared. For Carolina, the book that awaits her may… Read More
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Why My Students Hide Their Backpacks

Today’s guest blogger is Sheri Dominguez, Media Specialist at Palmview Elementary School in Pompano Beach, Florida. When the final bell rings at Palmview Elementary, some of my students make one stop before heading home – the bushes outside of school. That is where they hide their backpacks for the night. Read More
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Books for Babies

Today’s guest blogger is Veronica Creech, Director of Partner Engagement at First Book. When you open a book for a baby, their eyes light up. They’re fascinated by the contrast of the colors. They marvel at words as you read to them. What these little ones don’t know is that… Read More
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Changing the Lives of Families

When you support First Book, you also help hundreds of thousands of schools and programs across the country. Meet one of them. Smart from the Start supports families, engages communities and prepares children for school. They work to prevent the academic achievement gap among young children living in the lowest… Read More
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Books for Growing Healthy Minds

Kids who develop healthy habits have improved outcomes in all aspects of life. That’s why we’re excited to offer a new collection of titles on the First Book Marketplace to help educators teach healthy habits to kids they serve. Hand-selected by renowned chef Mario Batali, the Healthy Kids… Read More
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Our Favorite Books of 2015

Each month, we share our book enthusiast’s five favorite books. We’ve thought long and hard about the best of the best and are excited to announce our favorite books of 2015! In this month’s selection you’ll find just five of the more than 80 titles selected as our outstanding favorites. Read More