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Ride, Sally Ride

Sally Ride First Book would like to send our condolences to the friends and family of Sally Ride, the 1st U.S. woman in space, who died of pancreatic cancer yesterday. In spite of being one of a very elite group of people who’ve been through the space program… Read More
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500,000 Motown Book Distribution

This week, First Book and American Federation of Teachers members from Detroit and other Michigan communities helped to distribute 500,000 brand-new books to Michigan-area schools and schools throughout the country. Volunteers from Detroit-area AFT locals helped fill orders and load book cartons for those who came to the… Read More
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Volunteers in Action: Three Months to Make a Difference

Today’s blog post is from Abby Bartholomew. Abby works for Kenexa Corporation, a company with a stellar philanthropy program allowing recipients to donate their full-time efforts for three months to an organization of their choice. Abby was one of the chosen employees this year and is volunteering in Denver, CO with First Book's advisory board (local First Book volunteer group) from May through July. When I heard about this opportunity through work, I was thrilled–and First Book was the first organization that came to mind. A few years ago, I wrote my undergraduate thesis about creating an innovative way to increase youth interest in reading. Part of my research was identifying current organizations promoting literacy and reading, and First Book always stuck out in my mind as a leader in the community. I contacted the Denver Metro Advisory Board, one of the closest boards to my home in Nebraska, during my application process and they were excited about the possibilities but informed me that they were struggling and might not be around by my arrival. But Kate Fergusson, our Community Development Manager, thought my skills and background would be perfect for revitalizing the board. So in late April my husky and I moved out to Denver! The board had disintegrated by the time I arrived. Good news? We had the opportunity to start fresh. Bad news? I had basically no contacts or networks to tap into the Denver community. As I wrap up my last couple of weeks here, I’ve been contemplating everything I’ve learned about First Book, advisory boards and myself. I narrowed it down to three major things. Read More
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First Book & The GM Foundation Bring Books to Kids in Michigan

First Book is happy to be partnered with the GM Foundation to bring books to kids in need in the Michigan area. Our partnership was kicked off by an event in Flint, Michigan for 400  kids and was hosted by the local Boys & Girls Club. Thanks to the support… Read More
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10,000 miles. 10,000 books. One Amazing Adventure.

 Today’s blog post is from Leon Logothetis. Leon and Steven Priovolos have teamed up again for the Mongol Rally, a road trip that starts Saturday outside of London and ends in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. For every mile the two drive (and rules… Read More
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Once Upon a time In Buffalo…

Once Upon a time… First Book travelled to the faraway land of Buffalo. Upon our arrival at the warehouse, we were astonished to find a field of presorted pallets, lined up in rows and labeled with fancy signs. They were the most beautiful pallets we had ever seen! Before… Read More
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Success Stories: Fairy Tales & the Crack Epidemic

Today’s guest blog post is by Teneasha Pierson. Teneasha is a proud alum of Howard University and has recently accepted an invitation to serve as a Health Education volunteer with the Peace Corps in Kenya. Find out more at At six years old, I was the princess of… Read More
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First Book Volunteers in Action: Trumbull County's Edible Books

There is no question that we love delicious food and a great book. So, it comes as no surprise that one of our favorite First Book volunteer fundraisers is First Book-Trumbull County’s annual Edible Book Art Festival fundraising event. For the past three years, participants have been challenged to… Read More
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Give a Bouquet of Books this Mother's Day

Our moms are often the first people to teach us how to read and our first “librarians”. That’s why First Book loves moms and we LOVE celebrating all of the wonderful moms in our lives on Mother’s Day. Every year, millions of us purchase a bouquet of flowers to honor… Read More